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frank-hans-imageWe are Frank van Wezel and Hans van de Konijnenberg from the Netherlands. We both collect books, magazines and daily bulletins about bridge. We especially enjoy reading daily bulletins.

That is why we decided that this material should be at the disposal of all bridge players.

Therefore, we have collected thousands of bulletins from the internet and at this very moment, we are scanning hundreds of daily bulletins from the pre-internet era which will be posted on our website very soon.

The purpose of our website is therefore twofold:

  1. This site is a collection of daily bulletins of bridge tournaments.
  2. By scanning (very) old bulletins we hope to save the history of bridge tournaments from oblivion.

To perfect this site we are asking our readers to send us bulletins that we do not have. Even if you do not have any, but know for certain that bulletins were produced at a tournament, please let us know.

We would like to thank:

Gerard Hilte, owner of the Dutch Bridgemuseum, Jos Jacobs, Max Rebattu, Wolf Klewe, Marek Wojcicki, Rob Donkersloot, Harold Joels and Peter Hasenson for lending us numerous daily bulletins.

The EBL, WBF, ACBL, USBF, ABF, Cavendish, Gold Coast, Pula Bridge Festival, NEC Bridge Festival, EBU Summer Meeting Brighton, EBU for the Macallan/Sunday Times International and the Chanel Trophy, Slava Cup, Delhi Gymkhana Club, International Bridge Festival Madeira, Norsk Bridgeforbund, Federazione Italiana Gioco Bridge, Bridge Federation of Asia and Middle East, Svenska Bridgef├Ârbundet, Jeff Hand (CACBF), TC Pant (HCL), Festival mondial de bridge de Deauville, New Zealand Bridge, FISU WUC Bridge (FISU Archives), Indonesia Contract Bridge Association (GABSI), Mr. Yeh and Mr. Huang (Yeh Bros Cup), Danmarks Bridgeforbund, Hong Kong Inter-city Bridge Championships, White House for giving us their approval to publish the bulletins.


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